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Decade: 1940s
Record 24 of 54
Ref# 1056
Date: 1945
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Cadet
Type: Conceptual rendering
Medium: Ink and pencil on acetate transparency
Size: 21.5 x 9.5
Title: Proposed Postwar Car
Comments: This portfolio, produced by the Chevrolet Body Development Department, shows the proposed Chevrolet Cadet, (the first Post-war light car). Shows other light cars, contains 12 design drawings: 1942 Chevrolet "A" Body Cadet, 1942 Willys Americar, 1940 Opel 1.2 Kadett, Mccuen "Microbe", Proposed Sub "A"-2, 1929 Ford Model A 4-dr Sedan, Also sheet with Comparative Data, And Jan/feb 1974, "Special Interest Autos" Magazine describing The Chevrolet Light Car Program, factory printed In 1945. These drawings are contained in the original clothbound case and original box. The drawings are dated February 27, 1945.
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